03 December 2009

A bit about the trip...

For a first glimpse at what our travel seminar will include: our plan is to visit two major cities, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in Bahia. In these two places, we will learn about local culture and the unique experience of, and challenges for, Christians and all God’s people.

The trip will be led by Louisville Seminary Professors Christopher Elwood and Cláudio Carvalhaes. They will be guiding us through our explorations of the diverse cultural, religious, and theological landscape of Brazil today. We will visit a number of different religious communities, meet with religious leaders, hold conversations with influential theologians and seminary students, and witness to God’s work among people who suffer from poverty and HIV/AIDS. We are excited about this opportunity not only to learn more about the work of Christ in the southern hemisphere, but also to enhance our ability to interpret and respond faithfully to a world of religious and cultural difference.

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