25 February 2010


While in Salvador this summer, we will be visiting The Institute for Theological Education of Bahia. Below is an excerpt about the seminary from their website, as well as a link to that website so that you can feel free to browse around!

"Located in northeastern Brazil in the city of Salvador, ITEBA is an accredited, four-year theological seminary dedicated to preparing young women and men to be pastors of local churches, religion teachers in secondary schools and a range of community activities. Nearly everyone who graduates from ITEBA will have some kind of extra job from which they will earn their livelihood while putting their theological education to work in part-time jobs or as volunteers. These activities include being pastors of congregations, teachers, labor organizers, advocates for the sem terra (peasants without land), Agentes Paastorais Negras (Black Pastoral Agents) or coordinators for the Catholic Christian Base Communities. ITEBA gives them the full range of theological studies from the basic courses in Hebrew and Greek through the Old and New Testaments, church history and systematic theology." http://iteba.hanover.edu/home.htm

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